Plantation Shutters are made from a large range of materials, from natural timbers to a selection of synthetic products, which is ideal for those moisture areas such as the bathroom or kitchen.

Shutters can be supplied as hinged, bifold or sliding and can almost be fitted to any window including shaped areas.

Shutters generally perform two functions, admitting light and ventilation. Louvered shutters can be closed to minimise heat from the sun and simultaneously allow for ventilation and privacy when required.

Unlike other window solutions shutters are very quick and easy to clean and excellent for dust allergy sufferers.

This type of window furnishing is the most popular blind on the Australian market.

Shutters are the ideal choice for thermal and sound proofing. With the options of 63mm, 89mm and 107mm blades these options allow us to gain little to maximum light pending the user's choice and fitting availability.

At SCWF we know how important quality is which is why we offer the most premium system on the market.

Visit our showroom to see the different colours and frame options we have to offer.

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