Automation makes a stunning impression to most window furnishings - with a simple touch of a button you can operate your blinds, curtains and awnings to any position desirable.

Automation also adds extra security to your home while you’re away on holidays, with the options of motion sun sensors and automatically limits settings allowing the user to open and close your window furnishings at any time of the day, which could help avoiding a possible break-in whilst on holidays.

Whether you like the idea of operating your window furnishings from a wall switch, remote control or your smartphone, SCWF has all motorised options covered for our users.

We know the market is smothered with motorisation of all types of quality, by offering Somfy motorisation we are offering the highest quality products to our users. With automated blinds and curtains the cords and chains are completely removed, providing a safer environment for young children.

These are available in many different and convenient easy to use options such as rechargeable battery, solar, remote control, home automation and sensor control depending on your need.

In our showroom we have over 16 motorised blinds, curtains and awnings for our customers to trial before making the big step.

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